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Sandra Rupp is Anchor of "The Art of 21st Century Career Navigation" now watched in 168 Countries
Sandra covers trends in Careers, Leadership, Media & Advertising, Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability, Flourishing Business, Creative Entrepreneurship. She draws on her experience in executive search & coaching, media interviewing and marketing. From 2011-13, Sandra was placed on the THINKERS50 Guru Radar list for the world's Top Business Thinkers. Using a multimedia strategy, she is changing the Look & Feel of Leadership & Global CEOs are listening....

Creative Videos by Sandra include "Davos Woman" "The Highly Sensitive Leaders" "The Yin & Yang of Leadership" & "The Feminine Leader Voice." She entered The Gates Foundation's CANNES CHIMERA Challenge for Cannes Lions Ad Festival to help eliminate poverty off the planet. From #Davos to #CannesLions to #Augusta her YouTube videos have been Tops on Twitter. To retain her as a Media Presenter or TV Interviewer, go to Contact Us. She has professional Media Training & one of her first bosses was The Creator of Entertainment Tonight. Subscribe @CareerExpert on YouTube & on Smart TV.

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."
— Jonathan Swift
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